Driver Tuner Tv

Hello! I have a problem with my tv tuner (the name of the thread). (Ii) installing all drivers to your system install the program (win fast PVR2) up as far as possible and still no sound is not recorded. In Romania we have selected sources: cable TV, City:-scan mode: normal, attack, the unit and the configuration. I do not know what to do! Thank you in advance! He had come to the mine, try different combinations of read and record, until it seems that you talk or like speakers among them, until you have the sound. I have the same tuner and had the same problem!I have fixed the country Belgium Selectind. [Solution found with Google]. The range of devices doesn't seem to be his image fits. I have driver tuner tv a screenshot with the parameters of this night for me. If you have the cable from the RCS can help with the list of strings with the names, the list can be imported. Good luck!. Reinstalled my sound card and still nothing. Different ways and nothing new. Well, I was once in Germany, but I see it doesn't work anymore. I tried it and in Belgium. In any case sound card program for Vista 64 and I have 7 64. But in other programs. If you need someone to Facems ID and then replace the remote desktop. Hello to all. WinFast tv2000 XP global e/a tv tuner, but I have some problems with it, had, I installed Windows XP took place smoothly, that some positions were not elements of sound (via RCS) in television, music, TV-channel Kiss I think so. I installed Windows 7 after the search after a day the drivers, I managed to install the driver and the Downlodate website PVR2 Leadtek for win7. Now I have the problem that when I find search I realized no voice messages and sound problem, and I, you can the sound, but the problem is that if I close the application and restart Tengo not found, jobs disappear, I've tried many variants, but they haven't learned, must be registered somewhere or you don't know until you are in Windows. Find XP and so it remains. Ajutatima! and step-Jess, I understand that you have a list of channels that you can import? Can give me a way and an explanation how to it? I am grateful and hope the answers. I tried, in XP the same story. I checked and the cable (returns to the position, and even if you see not this iron curtain, I said I have nothing to lose, all Sun here) and nothing. the software is 100%. Jonutzu # and get the driver, but still TV2000XP expert? I started, unmanned, there is an app that takes the place of the original. Certain drivers installed on your operating system, you have in your network. Everything I see. I know not what to do is. I tried a few options, but without success. If you want to install the sound card and use a Board on it, the quality of the sound affects this? And I have no information from television, but the music and other cricket. And knowing someone, a TV tuner ASUS Xonar DX and Windows 7 compatible, thank you. (cheaper)Sorry for the double post. I had the same problem and I Rezolvato. It seems to me, was not the driver for sound. This is for Vista, but was not compatible with Windows 7. I had the Realtek HD audio driver (Vista) and then searches the net for win7 and installed Lam Lam go billions of euros. and this in your choice of pvr2 mega more processor options for BN-renderer. However, after you will have enabled the change Pvru the basic design and more transparency to the arrest be returned; But even more image BN and where the sound of certain channels in one, see print,.